Everyone please stay safe – we will see another 1-2 feet of snow tonight and tomorrow from Winter Storm Marcus. Stay off the roads; stay home safe. Wasn’t it only a few days ago that we didn’t have any real snow for this season yet? Wow, the different a week or two makes. What will… Read More

My FREE Journaling Basics ebook is now up to 160 pages! Download your copy before the snow hits! FREE Journaling Basics ebook It’s a perfect time to snuggle up and build your journaling skills :). Share the news!… Read More

Keep in mind that turkey needs time to thaw! Is yours out and thawing right now? Or are you waiting? Or are you not having turkey? 🙂… Read More

We could be getting a FOOT OF SNOW on Wed. Make sure you get your driving done on Tue, then hunker in and stay safe!! Are you traveling for Thanksgiving?… Read More

The Massachusetts health insurance website is preparing for the year 2015 sign-up. Be sure to refile or check your status if needed – start the process early. Massachusetts health insurance  … Read More