It’s a gorgeous day, and Far From Eden is playing in Newton Square, Worcester from 6:30-8pm – FREE! Bring a blanket and a picnic snack! Far From Eden  … Read More

Aspen Allegations – romantic murder mystery which adores nature – enjoy a virtual vacation! Aspen Allegations – romantic murder mystery Matthew McConaughey was filming a movie in these woods just yesterday!… Read More

I’m a little afraid – I’m using reddit for the first time ever. I’ve had a sense they can be trolly in there. I hope they will be gentle! I’m in there to share about the free giveaway for Aspen Allegations, which ends tonight. I’m trying to be cautious to only post in areas which… Read More

Perfect FREE Summer reading! Aspen Allegations – a romantic cozy murder mystery set in rural Massachusetts – please share the news! The series supports charity. Aspen Allegations on Amazon #giveaway #FreeKindle… Read More

The woods were lovely, dark, and deep. They also held a corpse, his eyes staring blankly at the sky. Aspen Allegations. A Sutton Massachusetts Mystery.… Read More

Netpune’s Car was live in Worcester today on the common! And in a moment they’ll be doing a live interview on WICN!!   … 9:20pm update – Neptune’s Car is going to be live on WICN in a few minutes! Tune in now to get ready. You can do it online!… Read More

Bob & I had a wonderful time kayaking Lake Quinsigamond this evening. I brought my camera but it was full! I had to delete a few files to be able to take this one photo. We did see a mom duck with six ducklings, plus a bunch of cute baby Red Winged Blackbirds all learning… Read More