Happy Spring Equinox! FREE! The Mused Literary Review Spring Equinox issue is live! Mused has an international selection of artwork, short stories, poetry, true tales, and more! Warm thanks to all the contributing artists and authors! Please share the news, and happy Spring Equinox! http://www.bellaonline.com/review/issues/spring2016… Read More

Last call for the “Home” show benefiting Habitat for Humanity – deadline tonight – http://bvaa.org/2016/02/27/home-show-at-gallery-529-littleton-ma/… Read More

Great fun tonight with Star Trail night sky photography with the Canon EOS 7D MarkII using the intervalometer with 30 second exposures, stacked. I wanted the Polaris circle but unfortunately we were pointed at the wrong dipper :). Last one for the night – this is aiming straight at Polaris for a half hour.… Read More

This gorgeous katydid nymph was spotted in a lily in Upton Massachusetts http://fineartamerica.com/featured/katydid-nymph-in-purple-lily-lisa-shea.html… Read More

The BVAA’s Claflin Hill shows are great fun. We get to match up our artwork with the theme of the concert! This one featured Irish and Italian songs. The featured artist was my friend Don Iacovelli who does just amazing folk art paintings. Here’s one of mine, from Pompeii, Italy.… Read More

I’m finally sitting down to catch up from an absolutely amazing weekend. Wow, the things we did! First off, the Palette show reception on Friday night. Fantastic. It was so much fun to see what everyone did with their palette. Mine, of course, was a cyanotype :). Palette Show Photos… Read More