My morning yoga with my daffodils. It was a little nippy out today, but still, this weather for February in Massachusetts is unseasonably warm. We need to care for our planet. We only have one. #Namaste… Read More

Dogwood Dilemmas is loading up in both Kindle (ebook) and paperback! Subscribe to my Amazon page to hear when they’re live! This was set in April 2015 – I’ve been working on it for quite a while. It’s finally done!… Read More

The Deadline for the Spring Issue of the Mused Literary Review is TODAY!! Get your poetry / short story / artwork / photography submitted by tonight for consideration for the upcoming Mused Spring issue! It’s free to submit!… Read More

Evening meditation time. I’m horrified – 50% of US states let girls age 12 be forced into marriage by their parents. That’s younger than puberty. And it IS HAPPENING. We need to all contact our reps.… Read More

Only one more day until Far From Eden rocks JJs Sports Bar in Northboro! Mark your calendar Fri 1/20/2017 & join us!… Read More

All proceeds benefit charity! Massachusetts Calling – this compilation of 15 Sutton-area authors features short stories, poetry, memoirs, history, and more! Grab your copy today! Please share the news!… Read More

I just got my first copy of the compilation paperback in my hands! Hurrah! It’s always nice to hold that physical book and smell that new-book smell :). Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Curl up by the fire with a cup of tea and our Massachusetts Calling compilation!… Read More

Free Ebook! Sit back and enjoy Christmas Eve with a free inspiring SciFi short story based on a true herbal puzzle!… Read More