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Happy Winter Solstice! We’ve reached that ultimate tipping point. The nanosecond in time where the Earth leans as far as it can and then begins its return. For some it means the longest day, while for others it’s the shortest. Either way, it reminds us that we live amongst cycles. Light and dark. Night and… Read More

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! I made a bunch of cyanotype Christmas cards today to celebrate the shortest day! Harnessing the power of that precious few hours of sunlight. I took pages of one of my medieval novels, Knowing Yourself, and folded them in half. Then I painted them with cyanotype fluid and let that try.… Read More

New Massachusetts license plates may have stars and circles – with fewer letters/numbers – so they’re easier to remember <a href=”http://wwlp.com/2015/12/07/safety-advocates-continue-push-for-new-license-plate-system/”>New Massachusetts license plates</a>… Read More

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Massachusetts considers requiring those caught drunk driving have a breathalyzer installed in their car – with camera – to ensure they can’t drive drunk again. Right now the person has their license suspended but many keep driving anyway. drunk driving and breathalyzer penalty  … Read More

Massachusetts may soon have a law banning drivers from touching their cell phone while driving Cell Phone Bill… Read More