It wasn’t that long ago that women were thought to be “too weak” to run the Boston Marathon.… Read More

Sad news – Worcester WPI attendee J. Geils has passed away in Groton MA at the age of 71. I loved his songs!… Read More

99 cents! New release! Prudence and Askuwheteau’s world is shattering apart … Amazon is really flying today. I just uploaded Manchaug a short while ago and it’s already live! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it :). What are you guys up to?… Read More

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Awesome news! My narrator just finished completing book 1 in my Black Cat series – it should be going live shortly! Just another 30 to go :). Here’s book 1 – it’s free (well, the ebook version is 🙂 )… Read More

Happy Happy! I just heard from the Wicked Good Books bookstore in Salem Massachusetts that they’ve sold out of my Black Cat compilation book and need more! Book 1 in the series is FREEEE – try it out today! 🙂… Read More

The Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade has banned gay veterans. This should not be happening in our modern time. Especially not in Massachusetts. Veterans of all groups deserve our respect and appreciation.… Read More