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Willy's is a fine dining restaurant with two halves - the formal steak-and-potatoes half, and the half with booths and a sushi bar, where the emphasis is on great sushi and other Japanese delicacies. You can get either one on either side, but it's good to go with the side you're intending to eat. We of course went to the sushi side this evening, to try out all the great sushi!

Probably the only down part of the evening was that two of our party were in jeans, and the waitress seemed to be a bit arch-eyed at this. Most people in here were in dresses and slacks. Just something to keep in mind!

We'd hoped to get a Champagne with the meal, since that's the perfect pairing with sushi, but the cheapest one on the menu was $40. So instead we went for a Geikkekan draft sake. It was actually pretty fresh and fruity tasting, served in a martini glass. Our miso soup was also fresh with interesting textures, seaweed, tofu, crab. Very tasty.

The Yakitori was only 2 chicken skewers on a large plate, but had a GREAT sauce with it. The bread served at the beginning was tasty, and be sure to ask for extra roasted garlic! It's the perfect way to start the meal out.

We had to wait quite a while before our sushi boat was done, even though we started our meal at 8pm. Be sure to get lots of appetizers to tide you over! When it did come, it was great. A graceful butterfly made from carrot sat at once end, and inside we enjoyed salmon, octopus, tuna, eel, shrimp, rolls with orange, red and black roe. We had smoked salmon which was a bit on the salty side, but in general all the sushi had generous cuts and was very good.

The waitress downside was apparent here, we went for very long spells without water or any other drinks. We couldn't even flag her down.

The sauteed spinach we had on the side was great, with onion strands on top. Again, very fresh tasting, very delicious.

We fed 3 people rather well on the boat, but decided to get more food to taste test things. The Willy's roll was very good, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, cucumber. The Shrewsbury roll was deep fried and very tasty. An unusual flavor combination compared to normal sushi! .

The dessert offerings here are simply wonderful and we went with the sweet potato pecan pie and the chocolate cake. Both filled up 2 people each, and by 9:30 we were done. The place was emptying out about now, so if you're OK with a late dinner, that would be the time to come.

We enjoyed Willies quite a bit, and the sushi was great. Just be sure to dress nicely, order appetizers, and be quick to order extra water or drinks when you have the opportunity.

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